Five Signs Your Business is Ready to Go Beyond QuickBooks for Inventory Management

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Last Updated July 5, 2023

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As small businesses grow, so does their need for processing orders faster and managing inventory more accurately. This is the time for implementing inventory management software designed to streamline daily operations that seamlessly collaborates with QuickBooks, allowing businesses to grow and thrive. After many years of working closely with small and medium size businesses, we have learned to recognize clear-cut signs of when a company using QuickBooks is ready to take the next step and go beyond using QuickBooks for inventory management.

1. When a small business becomes more established, product demand grows and inventory needs increase, making day-to-day tasks and order fulfillment more complex and involved. Businesses utilizing QuickBooks alone may run into unexpected fulfillment mistakes and costly errors. When a business has, or plans on having, high-volume inventory, it is critical that they can accurately manage inventory and successfully fulfill customer demand. Successful inventory management optimizes inventory replenishment to maintain cash flow, increase profits and avoid money loss.

2. When a company is moving beyond a solitary location, an inventory and business management software like Acctivate, can be a dynamic resource. Perhaps the business is gaining another warehouse, has multiple offices, or both – physical and virtual isolation of inventory is key. Acctivate handles multiple warehouse locations while providing real-time, precise inventory management and costing at the warehouse level.

3. As a business grows, the more likely it is that multiple users take part in daily operations. While many software programs lag when multiple users are logged in at the same time, an inventory management solution such as Acctivate enables multiple users to simultaneously and efficiently utilize the system, due in part to being built on a Microsoft SQL database. Acctivate can also be shared amongst users spread across the country and world – not from just a singular location or computer.

4. When a business finds they’re ready to sell their product through more advanced channels such as web stores or EDI services, a powerful software that makes multi-channel order fulfillment simple, fast and accurate, is needed. Acctivate partners with numerous well-known web platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Magento and many more. Acctivate is also built to connect and quickly streamline communication with thousands of big box retailers through popular EDI service providers like TrueCommerce, SPS Commerce, and B2BGateway.

5. Often, business owners and/or bookkeepers prefer to keep business financials separated from operations for security reasons, as well as to prevent extraneous errors. Using QuickBooks alone means a whole team will “have hands” in the same system where sensitive financial data is stored. Acctivate isolates operational data and daily tasks from the financials. Acctivate also offers flexible user permissions to give one or multiple users access to view selected parts of the software with full, limited, or zero access, as needed. While created to collaborate with Quickbooks, Acctivate is very much its own product, created with industry-standard features along with a variety of advanced features, customizable options and add-ons. For many small and medium businesses using QuickBooks, Acctivate can provide an affordable inventory solution without having to leave QuickBooks or move to the significantly more expensive, ERP-level options. To learn more about Acctivate Inventory Management Software, you can visit their website: CLICK HERE

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