Add Excel to QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud

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Last Updated February 24, 2018

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Microsoft Excel plays a prominent role in your day to day operations. The tried and true spreadsheet solution is a mainstay in accounting (and other industries like construction).  Professionals everywhere know that Microsoft Excel is a super solution. You can add Excel to QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud with Right Networks.

Excel + QuickBooks Desktop – A Natural Pair

Excel is increasingly important to QuickBooks Desktop users.  QuickBooks Desktop users love using Excel to prepare budgets, financial statements and models.  Users export QuickBooks Desktop reports to Excel on a daily basis. That’s because the top-tier reports like those on job costing, payroll, and payments can’t be copied out of QuickBooks Desktop and pasted into Excel.

How to Get More from a Super Solution

What if, in addition to building powerful analyses, you could easily work together with teammates or clients? If you are working on a local machine, that is a struggle.  When one individual exports data into Excel on their local machine, that person is now in possession of the new “working file.” That means that others are looking at outdated information. This is inefficient and makes communication difficult. If you are working locally, data can’t be shared easily.

Sharing information is seamless when you work in the cloud. Everyone is referencing the same, up to date documents and files. Everyone has visibility into the latest analysis.

You thought Excel couldn’t get any better? Get more from this super solution. Sign up for Business Cloud.

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