Drake Software and Right Networks—a Winning Combination

Drake Software and Right Networks have partnered to offer a world-class hosting experience for tax and accounting professionals. Learn how choosing Drake Tax as your hosted tax preparation software can benefit your firm.

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Last Updated September 1, 2023


Drake Software and Right Networks recently collaborated on a three-part series highlighting different software solutions available to tax professionals. It covered different ways to run tax software, how cloud hosting secures your data, and how cloud hosting facilitates remote work.

Today, we’re looking at how choosing Drake Tax as your hosted tax preparation software can benefit your firm.

Drake Software and Right Networks have partnered to offer a world-class hosting experience for tax and accounting professionals. With Right Networks’ expertise in secure cloud hosting and Drake’s award-winning professional tax software and customer service, there has never been a better time to transition to the cloud.

Even though filing season is just a few months away, many tax and accounting businesses are still deciding on the software platform they will use for this coming year. Here are a few reasons why your peers choose Drake as their Right Networks-hosted tax preparation software.

Why Choose Drake Tax?

Easy to Use – Hit the ground running at the start of filing season by taking advantage of easy data entry, simple navigation, and seamless return preparation. Data seamlessly flows from federal to resident, non-resident, and part-year resident state returns, shortcuts help you quickly load the form you need, and e-file is carefully built into the workflow for easy return filing.

Easy to Review – Improve office efficiency by streamlining your workflow—from entering data to reviewing forms. LookBack displays prior-year, comparative return data, LinkBack connects you directly to return source data from return preview, and DoubleCheck builds consistency into your review process with data verification and reminder flags.

Easy to Switch – The free conversion software makes it easy to switch to Drake Tax by automatically bringing over important client information, like demographic data, fixed assets, and prior-year income source documents.

What Do Your Peers Think About Drake?

Leading tax industry publications annually survey their readership to learn how each professional tax software package performed during filing season. Whether in the CPA Journal, CPA Practice Advisor, the Journal of Accountancy, or the NATP, tax and accounting professionals who choose Drake Tax regularly give it the highest rating in crucial categories:

  • Accuracy (CPA Journal)
  • Reliability (NATP)
  • Easy to Use (CPA Journal, JofA)
  • Easy to Install (JofA)
  • Software Updates (JofA, NATP)
  • Software Conversion Package (NATP)
  • Support (CPA Journal, JofA, NATP)
  • Most Recommended to New Practices (JofA)
  • Value for Cost (CPA Journal)

The trend is clear: Drake customers love their software because it’s easy to use, reliable, and supported by industry-leading customer service. Perhaps that’s why Drake’s 96 percent customer retention rate stood out in NATP’s tax software survey.

How Do I Learn More About Drake Tax?

Visit for more information about using Drake Tax on Right Networks. If you want to see for yourself why tax and accounting professionals across the country consistently give Drake Tax such high ratings, get the free trial.

Already a Drake Software Customer?

If you’re a Drake Software customer but want to learn more about the benefits of hosting your applications on Right Networks, check out “Why Host Drake Software with Right Networks?” on Taxing Subjects, the Drake Software blog. Right Networks’ Kiara Williams covers how Cloud hosting can secure your applications, help you become compliant with the FTC Safeguards Rule, and facilitate hybrid- and fully-remote work.

About Drake Software

For more than 40 years, Drake has provided tax professionals with fast, reliable software to run successful tax practices and serve their clients’ tax filing needs. Today, over 60,000 tax offices use Drake Software. Using innovation, customer feedback, and a team of dedicated developers, subject matter experts and support staff, Drake continues to achieve its goals of customer satisfaction, product refinement, and customer growth. For more information, visit or call 800.890.9500.

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