Right Networks and Commerce Sync: Two for Small Business

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Last Updated November 14, 2017

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Commerce Sync automates the transfer of sales activity from Square, Clover, and Stripe into QuickBooks. This is the way in which we hope to improve the lives, and bottom line, of small businesses everywhere. Right Networks also serves small businesses by bringing QuickBooks Desktop to the cloud. The way we came together and started working with Right Networks is a story worth sharing.

Many of you may remember a QuickBooks Desktop component called Intuit Sync Manager, or ISM for short. It came pre-bundled, and its purpose was to retrieve information from the Intuit cloud and pull it down to the QuickBooks Desktop company file residing on someone’s computer (and vice versa). This allowed developers, such as ourselves, to build applications using the QuickBooks Desktop REST API while avoiding the complexities of building and managing desktop-based software.

ISM was officially retired on May 31st, 2016. Many months ahead of that event, Commerce Sync partnered with Intuit and Square to provide ongoing QuickBooks Desktop connectivity. This new solution – Commerce Sync for Desktop – brokers synchronization between our cloud and QuickBooks Desktop, but specifically tailored for our use case. By working directly with QB XML, we’re able to tap into richer QuickBooks Desktop functionality not previously available in the IMS / API implementation, such as deposits.

One of the advantages of ISM was that it came bundled with QuickBooks Desktop. This is where Right Networks enters the story. Merchants running QuickBooks Desktop on a PC in their back office can install Commerce Sync for Desktop themselves. Those who use QuickBooks Desktop with Right Networks have a different path – but only barely. As an approved app, customers that use Square, Clover, and Stripe just have to request our offering be included in Application Cloud. This allows for the best of both worlds – merchants realize the time and cost savings provided by both Right Networks and Commerce Sync.

As our opportunities to interact and working relationship has grown, we’ve come to appreciate the value Right Networks provides for merchants. Small businesses have so much to do to succeed in today’s business environment that anything we can do to lighten the load, helps. We see first-hand how Right Networks is delivering a better, safer and more reliable cloud environment. Together we – and myriad other players in the QuickBooks ecosystem – are working to fulfill the promise of delivering products and services that truly help SMBs focus on what they do best: run their business.

Learn more about Commerce Sync, which is approved for hosting on Right Networks, here:

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