Key Takeaways from Avalara Crush DC 2018

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Last Updated September 1, 2023


We have finished up sponsoring the 2018 Avalara Crush event. The information filled sessions presented a wide range of content from blockchain technology, to the future of AvaTax, to discussion around the current sales tax case that Wayfair is working on in the Supreme Court.

We got a chance to meet many people from across the world, and the opportunity to discuss how Avalara makes sales tax easier.  In addition, there were quite a few Right Networks Application Cloud customers in attendance, making it an even better conversation for us!  With all of this we wanted to share the big takeaways.


Takeaway #1: Blockchain is the future

The keynote speaker on the final day of Avalara Crush DC was Stefan Hyttfors.  Stefan is a futurist, a global speaker and author.  It was a pleasure to listen to his ideas and thoughts on the future.  A lot of his presentation was focused around blockchains. Blockchain technology is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all crypto currency transactions.  Stefan discussed how sustaining economic development and building a good foundation for currency has a lot to do with trust. Much like how we trust to keep our money in banks and not hidden under our mattresses at home.  Stefan believes that with these decentralized Blockchain entrepreneurs all over the world can build trust without hierarchy.  There is a possibility that this decentralized trust network is for money, like the internet was for information.


Takeaway #2: Sales tax everywhere

These days sales tax is most certainly confusing.  Sales tax professionals must keep tabs on an ever-changing landscape.  There are different tax laws by country, state, and even by county.  The worst part is that some of these conflict with each other! One thing is certain – sales tax is everywhere, and it will continue to be confusing.  Avalara has identified that and works to make sure that nothing is missed in this complicated sales tax landscape.


Takeaway #3: Avalara goals

Most noteworthy, Avalara made quite a big announcement on our final morning presentation.  They are going public! You could see the passion when Avalara’s CEO Scott McFarlane made the announcement, and you could also see the excitement of all the Avalara team members in the room.  You can also tell that Avalara is great at what they do and will continue to grow just by the way their customers talk about them.  So, when Scott stated his goal that “Avalara will be part of every transaction in the world” it is easy to believe that can happen.


Right Networks is proud to partner with Avalara.


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