See for yourself how you can streamline your practice

One workspace for internal practice management & client-facing interactions
TaxDome is an all-in-one practice management platform for CPAs, EAs, bookkeepers, and accounting firms. Growing firms use TaxDome to fully digitize their practice, automate internal practice management (workflow, CRM, reporting) and streamline client-facing processes (documents, signatures, invoicing, messages).

The TaxDome Desktop App with Virtual Drive allows thousands of firms globally to go paperless and communicate securely with their clients.

Key Benefits:

Save space on your PC with TaxDome Drive
Keep your client data securely in the cloud without eating up your hard drive space. TaxDome Virtual Drive replaces Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, freeing up space on your PC. Easily access all TaxDome files without you having to open a browser and log in to your portal.

Streamline document management
Upload files with simple drag and drop to the app. All uploaded files will be saved to the client’s account on TaxDome. Lock documents to invoice, request e-signature or client approval right away.

Manage documents where you want it
Automatically sync files on your PC with TaxDome. Copy or move files and folders within the Virtual Drive, modify files locally, and all changes will be reflected in TaxDome.

Save hours on syncing documents across different systems
Send files from any Tax program to TaxDome with just one click — no more ‘download there’ and ‘upload here’.

Simplify PDF files management

Easily scan and edit PDF files. Scan documents directly into TaxDome and edit them right away with the native PDF Scanner & Editor. Your clients can scan documents and send to you in a couple of clicks, too.

Migrate data in a few clicks
Send files to TaxDome directly from your Windows Explorer: right-click, send to TaxDome. Easy import multiple documents from different clients in a few clicks with the Bulk Upload feature.