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Last Updated September 29, 2023

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Part of the Transaction Pro trifecta of utilities is the Transaction Pro Exporter.  This often overlooked and underutilized utility can provide you with the tool to create reports, data for analytics and lists for new company setup.

You can find the Exporter Utility on the main screen of Transaction Pro for QB Online, represented by the Export File icon.

Transaction Pro Exporter

Once selected, the screen is set up, similar to the Importer tool, with the data results going in the opposite direction.

Transaction Pro Exporter setup screen

We should call to your attention, that on this main screen, there are several options to consider.  The “How to Export” is a quick step instruction on how to use the software, while the Schedule Export button will lead you to a menu instructing Transaction Pro Importer (TPI) online to run the export routine on a scheduled basis.

Both Lists and Transactional Data can be exported.   List data exports are very handy if you are creating multiple QuickBooks Online companies and need to use the list data from one company to another.

For example, we are going to create a new QuickBooks Online file, due to a recent merger and need only the Customers created in the past 2 years.  To do this, we would select the Export type of Customers.

Transaction Pro Exporter with lists

We would use the Select Filter section and change our preference to Create Time, then enter our From and To Dates for the Customer creation dates.

Under the export options button, you can select the fields desired to export. There also are settings to change the exported Field Labels, assign default values and change the order of the data.  Changing the label is handy to create reports based on the data exported. It can also be used to create the title headings needed should you want to use the data to import into another reporting system.   Changes to the data can also be made. For example, you can use the Default Value to assign new Default Terms to all Customers from the export file in preparation for an import into a new company.

Transaction Pro Exporter set up screen

Once you have your options selected the Preview Button will show you an example of the data that meets the criteria selected.

Transaction Pro Exporter criteria

Once you have confirmed the parameters for exporting are correct, by selecting Export Data, the routine will run on the “My Exports”  Tab.  The Status will indicate if the routine completes successfully and a Download hyperlink will be present when the data is ready.

Transaction Pro Exporter - My Exports Tab

Then click the download link, to get your data and open it in Excel!

Another option in using the Exporter is to Schedule the routine.  This would be handy to get data after the day’s work is complete or at an agreed-upon time.

Here is what the schedule screens look like.

Transaction Pro Exporter schedule screen

The Transaction Pro Exporter very useful tool which can be used for various functions.

We hope you enjoyed this article!!

Martin Roth is a Transaction Pro Expert

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